Calling Bull*!@# on Science

By Elizabeth Akincilar-Rummer How many times have you heard a journalist say something like, “Researchers report a significant breakthrough...”, “Groundbreaking research shows... “, or “According to a new scientific study…”? The news constantly bombards us with “research” or “studies” […] Continue Reading

Taking a Closer Look at IPPS 2015

By Gabriella Chavarin As you may have noticed, IPPS is a pretty big deal around here. Every year, our PHRC physical therapists attend the International Pelvic Pain Society’s annual scientific conference. Additionally, Stephanie Prendergast has been on the […] Continue Reading

Pudendal Neuralgia Series 1: Interdisciplinary Conversations from IPPS 2015

[caption id="attachment_3341" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Dr. Mark Conway, myself, and Dr. Sheldon Jordan at IPPS.[/caption] By Stephanie Prendergast Pudendal Neuralgia seems to be a diagnosis that is more polarized and controversial than other pelvic pain diagnoses. […] Continue Reading