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Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery with Vulvovaginal Pain

By Melinda Fontaine Julia called me yesterday to ask some questions about pelvic pain and pregnancy.  She was 38 weeks pregnant and getting ready to give birth. She had a history of some pain with intercourse prior to getting pregnant and was surprised to feel some vaginal pain at her last OB appointment as well. Julia wanted to know […] Continue Reading

Jagged Little Pill- Part Two

Jagged Little Pill: Part Two

By Joshua Gonzalez, MD After reading my last post, Jagged Little Pill, many of you who have had similar suspected OCP-related problems may be thinking there’s no hope.  Trust me, you are not doomed if you’ve […] Continue Reading


Pain as the Ultimate Protector

By Britt Van Hees I recently attended a course with pain researcher and clinical neuroscientist, Lorimer Moseley. He, along with his colleague David Butler, have changed the face of pain science and helped many clinicians and patients understand how […] Continue Reading

Gyrotonic Tower


By Melissa Hines What is GYROTONIC®? When I first heard a colleague talk about gyrotonic about 4 years ago, I was like “GYRO WHAT? To me it sounded like some form of geriatric exercise, so I asked her more about […] Continue Reading


Pelvic Myths: True or False?

By Melinda Fontaine Have you heard these common pelvic rumors? Can you guess which ones are true or false? As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I’ve heard quite a few old wives tales about the pelvis. Test your […] Continue Reading


Treatment Solutions for Endometriosis

By Stephanie Prendergast Did you know that severe menstrual pain is not normal?  If you experience severe pain during your period it is possible you are suffering from a very underdiagnosed disease called Endometriosis. Endometrial tissue lines the uterus. […] Continue Reading