PHRC Pelvic Health Career Opportunity!

By: Stephanie Prendergast Physical Therapist Wanted for PHRC Los Angeles! Do you want to become a leader in the field of pelvic floor physical therapy? Do you enjoy working with this patient population but are having a hard time finding mentorship? Do you want a collaborative supportive work environment vs  being ‘alone on an island’? If so, PHRC […] Continue Reading


Pelvic Myths: True or False?

By Melinda Fontaine Have you heard these common pelvic rumors? Can you guess which ones are true or false? As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I’ve heard quite a few old wives tales about the pelvis. Test your […] Continue Reading


Treatment Solutions for Endometriosis

By Stephanie Prendergast Did you know that severe menstrual pain is not normal?  If you experience severe pain during your period it is possible you are suffering from a very underdiagnosed disease called Endometriosis. Endometrial tissue lines the uterus. […] Continue Reading


What is Get PT 1st?

By Stephanie Prendergast   Last fall, I began seeing the logo you see above, appear in my Twitter feed and on Facebook. As a physical therapist, I was happy to see an organization committing to improving awareness about our field. It's […] Continue Reading


Understanding Breech Babies

This week, our guest writer and award winning prenatal chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin, takes us through a hot button topic: breeched babies. By Elliot Berlin | DC Early in pregnancy, your baby has plenty of room to move, as […] Continue Reading