Contracture: Can it occur in the pelvic floor?

By Rhonda Kotarinos, PT, DPT In this week's post, guest author and pelvic floor expert Rhonda Kotarinos shares a controversy from the 2016 International Pelvic Pain Society conference. In October I had the privilege of presenting at the International Pelvic Pain Society’s annual meeting. During one of the presentations, a discussion ensued regarding the term contracture. The discussion was centered […] Continue Reading

Oh coccyx, my coccyx!

By Britt Van Hees If you don’t know what or where your coccyx is, count yourself lucky.  This little bone can make quite a ruckus when it's not happy, often called coccydynia.  The coccyx, or tailbone, is […] Continue Reading

Calling Bull*!@# on Science

By Elizabeth Akincilar-Rummer How many times have you heard a journalist say something like, “Researchers report a significant breakthrough...”, “Groundbreaking research shows... “, or “According to a new scientific study…”? The news constantly bombards us with “research” or “studies” […] Continue Reading

Kegel What?

By Britt Van Hees The Kegel, the black box of the exercise world. Are you really doing it right?   In today’s post we are going to review some simple exercises to help get to know […] Continue Reading