One and Done: The IUD and the Future of Birth Control

By Jandra Mueller Are you currently on birth control? Have you used birth control in the past? These are common questions I ask when doing an evaluation of a female patient who is experiencing painful intercourse, also known as dyspareunia. Most women I see are currently, or have been in the past, on some form of birth […] Continue Reading


Kegel What?

By Britt Van Hees The Kegel, the black box of the exercise world. Are you really doing it right?   In today’s post we are going to review some simple exercises to help get to know […] Continue Reading

Tampon Blog

Tampon Talk

By Melissa Hines A tampon is “a mass of absorbent material, primarily used as a feminine hygiene product.” The word tampon originated from the medieval French word “tampion,” which literally means a piece of cloth to stop a […] Continue Reading

Medicare Blog 1

Letter To The Senator about Medicare

By Malinda Wright Here at PHRC we are not Medicare providers, for good reasons; you may remember that PHRC published a blog post about them. Still, we receive calls almost daily from Medicare patients enquiring about treatment from […] Continue Reading

Jagged Little Pill- Part Two

Jagged Little Pill: Part Two

By Joshua Gonzalez, MD After reading my last post, Jagged Little Pill, many of you who have had similar suspected OCP-related problems may be thinking there’s no hope.  Trust me, you are not doomed if you’ve […] Continue Reading


Pain as the Ultimate Protector

By Britt Van Hees I recently attended a course with pain researcher and clinical neuroscientist, Lorimer Moseley. He, along with his colleague David Butler, have changed the face of pain science and helped many clinicians and patients understand how […] Continue Reading

Gyrotonic Tower


By Melissa Hines What is GYROTONIC®? When I first heard a colleague talk about gyrotonic about 4 years ago, I was like “GYRO WHAT? To me it sounded like some form of geriatric exercise, so I asked her more about […] Continue Reading